Friday, April 6, 2012


The next morning we went to THE CAMEL MARKET!  Yes, a market where you buy camels!!  Hysterical!!  Here's pictures:

I just get the biggest kick out of the fact that we went to a Camel Market .. once again, WHO DOES THIS???

So .. that was Al Ain .. it was a treat, but JUST the beginning!

We left early Monday morning for a 4-hour drive up to the tip of the UAE where we boarded an Omani Dhow for a half day cruise and dolphin watching .. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves .. it was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING AND SO SO FUN!!!!

 yup those are dolphins .. that was our first look ..

 Max got to drive.  :) 

 not cropped, not zoomed .. 

 pointing to the dolphins .. 

this is not our dhow, but what we looked like ..

We all SCREAMED and WHISTLED and got so excited when we saw the dolphins so close ..I could have added about 45 more pictures .. once again, SPECTACULAR.

to be continued .. see next post: ''SPRING BREAK (part 3)" <--click it

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