Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb 9th.

I can't believe it's been over a week since I last blogged .. in some ways it feels like yesterday that I wrote that last one and in some ways it feels like a month has gone by.  Anyways .. we're IN the villa now, and we're S L O W L Y getting settled.  There's SOO much to do!!!

Our clothes are still in piles, not put away, there's suitcases everywhere and I still have yet to find some key components to my wardrobe .. ie UNDERWEAR!!  Its hysterical.  I need about 20 more hours in each day .. and I need my kids to nap during all 20 of those hours.  THEN I might get some things done!  Who knew 3 kids under 6 would be so time consuming???

Speaking of time-consuming, I have to say that the commute to school .. although I mentioned in an earlier blog that it was a 10 minute commute .. takes FOREVER!  That 10 minute commute we took was on a weekend with no traffic .. it REALLY takes about 20 min, and THEN you have to find PARKING .. let me tell you .. the parking situation is RIDICULOUS .. Paige is done with school at 2:45, but if I'm not there by 2:20, I won't get a spot in the lot, and if that happens, we have to park in the dirt or find some place to squeeze.  Parent's double and triple park .. it's a mess.  SO, I'm usually there before the madness begins (believe it or not) and get a decent spot. So we leave the house by 2, to sit in the parking lot from 2:30-2:45 (I wake Max up from his nap .. he naps from 12:30-2 most days) and then usually get home by 3:15 .. bedtime is at around 7:30, so we have 4 hours to do homework, play a bit, eat dinner and then lights out. It's busy.  OH .. and I do the pick-up thing at noon for Brooke too .. so I have from 8 a.m. to 11:30 to get errands done .. Max in tow .. stores open at 10.   Yeah .. time is consumed. 

In other news, Mark gets home from China tomorrow night .. yes, China!!  He will soon be heading to Australia and next week he'll be in Abu Dhabi!  I think he's just commuting to Abu Dhabi for the day for a few days .. the man has GOT to be exhausted.  I'm so proud of him .. I really am .. I just know that he's impressing everyone as he goes in to lead and direct in this new role.  It's going to be so cool to see what happens in the eastern hemisphere with Mark Beach in charge .. this half of the world is about to get ROCKED.  :) I have GOOSE BUMPS!! 

So .. to get "real" for a minute .. I want to share that this week has been hard, emotionally.  I think I'm homesick for the first time in a LONG time .. Actually, I don't know if I've ever felt homesick before .. but man, I have felt it this week.  I just miss "home" .. whether its my Colorado home or any home at all .. I just want to be home .. and we just aren't there right now. 

...It's the little things .. like the things at the grocery store .. bandaids and medicines are different .. food is different and NOTHING feels easy .. driving is nuts - just very unpredictable .. I'm so used to the way the USA has mapped out roads and out here it's just totally different and very hard to predict where a road might go -- I don't know how to explain it, but ya know how in the US, if you "kinda know" where something is, you can probably get there if you just feel your way there?  Like, if someone told you that a really cool shop was behind Target in a teeny shopping center a few streets away .. you could feel your way there, right?  Here .. you'd get lost .. and you'd get stuck driving 20 miles in the wrong direction and have to take 10 right turns (because there's NO left turns here!) to get back to where to started just to give up.

.. it's not bad, it's just different, very different .. I'm ready for things to feel "normal" .. I crave comfort and predictability .. I want to know my surroundings and be comfortable in them .. and right now, I don't .. and I miss that.

Before this week began, my RA from my freshman year in college posted this on my facebook wall:
Well, it's about to get real, it is February. Just so ya know... God doesn't ever leave ya. He's with ya in those brief moments when home seems way way far away. He covers u. He leads you. He sings over you...and I'm praying you feel His breath. Luv u!
I so needed those words this week.  

Later, Kelly (RA from freshman year) wrote these words to me:
Don't hide your feelings. Feel them. Deal with them. Your babies will be feeling them too.. And you can help them process them. Be weak.. 
 I just love these words too.  I'm doing my best to just let the emotions happen when they happen and not shove them away .. I've gotta go through this, right? 

I'm definitely clinging to my faith right now - clinging to the best source of comfort and peace and consistency that I know .. I've said a few times before that I'm so grateful for God's steady hand, that is so steady beneath me as I flail about in this whirlwind of an experience.  I know He's smiling at me .. happy to give our family this opportunity, and watch us become who He's called us to be.  It's definitely a wild ride.

'til next time ..

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