Monday, March 26, 2012


Well next week is SPRING BREAK and our family is getting ready to ROAD TRIP around the UAE and see a bit more of this country.  I'll take tons of pictures and do my best to post asap!

Last night we were invited out on a YACHT trip around the marina, the palm jumeriah and the Burj Al Arab .. it was such a good time! It was such a treat to be invited! It was a pretty big group of friends .. we were invited through one of the moms in Paige's class .. her husband is a pilot for United and it was there big group of pilot friends.  It was a blast.  I'll post pics asap. (P.s. it was our first time to have "Angel" watch the kids and put them to bed .. I could get used to this).  :)

The move-in craziness (buying furniture and decor) has paused .. we're very functional with what we have, so it's nice to take a break from the furnishing phase and just live for a bit. 

The girls are in gymnastics, Max starts "school" at the end of April, swimming lessons start end of April too .. Paige has been horseback riding, Max is in Little Gym.. it's getting "normal"and that feels SOOOO good.  A big part of that, also, is that Mark has been HOME for over a week.  WOO HOO.

more soon ..

'til next time ..

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