Tuesday, March 13, 2012

we are hiring a live-in maid

Well .. it's official, we are getting a live-in maid.  I need to take some time to do some training .. just showing her how we like things .. but for now, she is going to be such a blessing and OH MY GOSH WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A LIVE-IN MAID!!! 

I just never, ever thought or imagined ...

I don't know if she'd appreciate me sharing her name, so we'll call her Angel .. it fits.  :)  Angel is Filipino, and is a single mom of a 16 year old son that lives back in the Philippines.  She left him when he was 5 years old to come make more money as a housemaid in Dubai.  She can make much more here than she could back at home as a "sales lady in the mall"  (her words).  Here, she is able to get money that will support her son and those that are caring for her son a lot better than if she was at home.  I love knowing that we are helping her help her family .. it feels less like I'm spoiled rotten and more like I'm doing something for someone.  (but I still feel totally spoiled)

We have a room for her that we've furnished (via IKEA, no doubt) and we also provide her food.  In return she does EVERYTHING... straightens up, cleans, does dishes, laundry, ironing, makes beds every morning, sweeps the floors every day, goes to the grocery store for me, (we have a grocery store you can walk to .. no, she can't drive), and she can babysit the kids!  Max has already taken to her and when he sees her, he says, "HI ANGEL!!" .. it's so good for me to know that he likes her because I will soon be able to go do things like volunteer in Paige's classroom and go on field trips with Brooke!!  (and go to the gym, and go to the grocery store alone, and get a mani/pedi, and ..and .. and.. once again, SO SPOILED!!!!)

It'll be "official" when all of the PAPERWORK is done .. She's been working here for a family from Romania that has 2 kiddos for 2 years,  (before that was with an Arabic family with 8 kids!) so we need to transfer her visa to our sponsorship.  I'm not going to explain the details because I'm totally clueless .. all I know is that she can get a UAE Resident Visa under our sponsorship and we have to provide that.  We also are to provide her a trip home once a year ... it's a process, for sure .. but SUCH A PERK!! :)

Okay I have to go get Paige from school ... it's 2:00, takes 15 min to get to the school, but if I'm not there SUPER early I won't get a parking spot .. she's done at 2:45. Yeah, I'll get one of the last available spots too. 

more later ..

til next time ...

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