Monday, June 11, 2012

Our First "Summer Holiday" to the USA

WHEW!!  Okay, so life went to "trying to adjust" to HOLY CRAP WE ARE CRAZY BUSY!!  I have actually really enjoyed the busy-ness.

SO!  How about this for an update?  Tomorrow we get on a plane and head back to the USA for the summer!!!  WHAT??  Yes, the day has arrived.

We are leaving because, well, hardly anyone (well, any expat) stays in Dubai over the summer because of the crazy heat.  It has been over 38 C (100 F) for weeks now, and as much as I've been surprised at how bearable it actually is, it'll be nice to get away from it!  The heat truly has been surprisingly tolerable, I'm not joking!   Paige continued to have soccer practice outside in the evenings .. I mean, it probably got down to 37 (98 F) but with a breeze it truly hasn't been as bad as it sounds!  The humidity makes it worse .. but still, not unbearable .. YET .. and I'm not stickin' around to see the worst of it!

People keep asking me if I'm excited to go home .. and the answer is "yes and no."   I'm VERY VERY excited to see friends and family.  I can't WAIT to see everyone!!!!!  But am I excited to leave Dubai? .. not necessarily.  I feel like we're finally in a good routine .. in a good place .. friends are made, the house is more like a "home" and I'm really going to say it .. I feel SETTLED! There's always room for improvement, but life has gotten pretty darn GOOD!

Go figure.

I mean, we're heading back to the USA tomorrow and I'll have to start all over .. however, I'm trusting that the transition to Colorado and then transition back to Dubai at the end of summer will be far less painful than it was when we first moved here!!  I'm so grateful for the network of friends we've made so I now have someone to call and be sad with.  :) 

So .. to definitively answer the "are you excited to go back" question:  I'm definitely looking forward to heading back to the USA for some quality time with loved ones, but I'm also looking forward to getting back and living here in the fall.  Yay for personal growth!  (Can I get an "amen"??)

I have a lot of pictures from today to share with you .. I'll try and work on that in the airplane and publish when we land.  The kids had an AWESOME "last day in Dubai" .. graduating KG1 (pre-k) and KG2 (Kindergarten) .. finishing Little Gym class .. it was a good .. and BUSY day .. but great closure to a really fun beginning first chapter of this journey. 

..till next time .. from the USA!

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  1. ummmm apparently USA is so boring your not going to tell me about it?