Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alright Already!

Man .. It's time to blog .. I have a lot to update on .. I'd really like to do an "I've Been Everywhere," by Johnny Cash version of our summer in Colorado ... you know how that song sounds like it's written with no spaces between the words?  That's how I feel my explanation of our summer in Colorado needs to be shared.  It was SUCH a great summer .. we really had an AMAZING time .. REALLY .. We packed a TON in .. I have pictures and everything.  Hopefully I'll have some time this evening to get that update put together to share. 

In the mean time, a quick update about being back in Dubai: 

I'm going to tell you, with complete honesty, that I'm SO happy to be back.  It's truly SO nice to be here and know my way around.  I even have a friend-of-a-friend that has just moved here that I'm  mentoring through her first months of being here .. WHO KNEW?!?  I can almost call this place, "my own," and it feels SO good!

I mean .. on our first day back, I ran errands to THREE different places with all 3 kids and got a TON done .. including purchasing and putting pictures up on the walls in the girls' rooms.  WHAT??  That just feels amazing!

I'm grateful to have gotten together with my neighbor a couple of times to catch up and let the kids play. (She has kids Paige and Brooke's ages .. it rules).  Tonight, we are both husbandless (Her hubby is in Turkey, mine in Australia .. poor Mark .. I don't know how he's going to manage the jet lag .. send up some prayers ok?) so we're getting together for wine and carry out.  (Well, it'll be delivered, of course!)

I don't know .. I am really feeling good to be back .. minus the jet lag.  I am, however, trying to be cautious about where Emotion might take me in the next couple of months. (I tend to capitalize the word, "Emotion," anymore out of respect for it.  Seriously .. that thing can throw curve balls if I'm not paying attention! ha!)  But for NOW, as I live in THIS moment .. I'm so pumped to be back "home" in Dubai.

The girls start school next Sunday (work week out here is Sun-Thurs) and Max starts, "Nursery" 3 days a week on Sept. 10th.  Uniforms are purchased, washed, ironed and ready to go.  (Thank you Vilma! <--our maid .. which, by the way has been SUCH a blessing during the unpacking phase .. I'm spoiled, ROTTEN!!!) Lunch boxes are ready to be filled, and kids are "nervous and excited" about starting a new year!

K .. ending here as the kids are ready to get to the pool.  It's gonna hit 102 today .. yup, it's hot. 

...till next time!

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