Friday, December 30, 2011

an update of VERY random thoughts

these are just random thoughts .. I am constantly thinking .. "oh, I should update people about this .."  and don't want to "overpost" on facebook  ... so, here ya go .. I think these kind of updates might be the way to go for the beginning. 

-on the agenda today:  Mall of the Emirates!  pictures to come.  We won't ski indoors today .. but we'll definitely see it!   We can actually see the "slope" from our hotel room.
-it's actually a bit chilly this morning ... I'm sure it'll warm up .. highs are in the 70s right now.  it feels like easter.
-we all went to bed at around 1:30 a.m. and the kids and I woke up at 5 .. naps WILL happen today.
-we're watching the movie "Anastasia" in our hotel/temp housing room w/ Arabic subtitles
-the flight went AWESOME .. we had all kinds of aids just in case it went south .. but man, it couldn't have gone better. We didn't even use benadryl!
-Paige did her normal puke on the plane .. she waited until we were landing in Dubai this time ..and everything landed in the proper receptical.
-this hotel/temp housing place is soo great-- but they don't have cribs, so Max has officially graduated to a "big boy bed"  .. he did fantastic sleeping on a mattress on the floor last night!
-there are several signs hanging on our door with the "do not disturb" sign ..and one of the signs says, "pick up my laundry" .. BEST.SIGN.EVER!!!
-the language barrier is interesting because there are SO many languages .. In the states, I feel like I can judge if a person speaks english by the way that they look .. here, there's just no telling.
-we went down for breakfast this morning, and there was an Emirate woman there .. she touched Brooke's blonde hair .. she LOVED watching the kids, but was definitely most interested in Max ... it wasn't creepy, it was sweet and endearing .. she wanted to show Max the cars in the street outside .. she didn't speak english.
-also on the agenda:  APPLE STORE .. I need to get my phone figured out.
-tonight, we'll get to watch the New Years Eve fireworks from the roof of our temp home .. can't WAIT to see what the Burj Al Arab does.
-people smoke here .. like it's the 80s .. ashtrays with a book of matches on tables in restaurants .. and drinking alcohol is not common.  Most restaurants don't serve alcohol at all, and you need to have a special license if you want to purchase it for your home.  Not all liquor stores enforce the "special license" rule.
-hookah bars are common
-PDA is a "no no" .. holding hands is probably ok .. but that's the limit .. not that Mark and I are big on PDA, but we tend to give little kisses "hello" in public here and there .. gonna have to adjust a bit.
-people have asked if we're going to have to wear coverings .. and no, we don't .. the kids get away with anything, but it's courteous for me to keep my shoulders and knees covered .. no biggie, but I do love my tank tops in the summer .. hello cardigans
-it took 3 minvan taxi cabs to get us from the airport to the hotel.  THREE. (we checked 15 bags, plus 7 carry-ons) and the kids were not in car seats  .. Max sat in my lap ... SOOO OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.  We will need to figure out the car/carseat situation asap.
-Paige just made herself a burqa with her blankies ... love it!!  

... sooo much more to come!


  1. That made me laugh out loud. Love the laundry comment. :) Ohh, so jealous! Hugs.

  2. This is so cool. What an adventure. Keep the thoughts and stuff coming - overpost away so that we can all keep up with you!

  3. So excited for you Becky! We will be watching fireworks tonight from Taipei 101...not as tall as your building but almost!! I am anxious to see how you continue to feel about people touching your children's hair. I have up and downs with that here...looking forward to having someone to relate with on that! Love you tons...Happy New Year!