Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our last night here ..

Well, here I sit .. in the laundromat of the hotel on our last night in Colorado.  I'm probably going to be in here for another hour .. so I brought the ol' laptop and thought I'd blog it out. 

I'm done being sad, as of right now .. I'm actually more ready to go than I've felt thus far .. and believe it or not, Mark and I are actually looking forward to 18 hours of in-flight time.  (We'll see how that pans out 36 or so hours from now).

It's all very surreal .. and so exciting ..

When we arrive, we will be staying at  Golden Tulip Suites.   We will have a 2 bedroom suite until we find our house - hopefully it will only take 2-3 weeks to find our home.  From the roof of our hotel, where the pool is, we will be able to see the Burj Al Arab and watch their fireworks for New Years Eve.  It just feels right to bring in the new year with the whole family in our new home.  (The kids will think it's 1 p.m., so why not let them live it up! I can't WAIT to celebrate with them!)

OH .. and Mark mentioned to me this afternoon that our stay at the Golden Tulip includes laundry service!!  SOMEONE IS GOING TO DO MY LAUNDRY!!   bliss.  seriously. 

9 more minutes on the washer, 35 on the dryer.   :) 

K, that's all I have for now .. thanks again for being a part of this! 


  1. Excited for you for you friend. Can't wait to read more . . . of the adventures of the Beach Family. Happy and safe travels . . . and HAPPY and AMAZING NEW YEAR! Love you.

  2. To hear your positive outlook on this new and wondrous change in your life is inspiring! I can't wait to see and hear what happens in 2012!

    Carrie Kerbs

  3. I'm so excited for you! 2012 feels so right to me. I'm excited for it and I think it will bring many awesome moments and bring families and friends closer. Even though your farther away - it doesn't mean anything! Distance has nothing on family and friends!! God bless!