Friday, December 30, 2011

Waiting to Exhale ..

a note from the plane:

So .. we are 1 hour and 30 minutes into our first flight.  Paige is watching a movie on the iPad, Brooke is watching a movie on the DVD player,  Max is playing on his Leap Pad, and Mark is watching the in flight movie.  So far, so very, very good.  We brought Max’s carseat on the plane and he is doing AWESOME!  Only 16 1/2 more hours to go.  Ha!

Since I have a minute, I’m going to attempt to reflect on all of this.  I honestly haven’t begun to feel anything yet.  I do realize that it is SO nice to finally be on the plane.  It is such a relief to be done with the “packing” phase of this move, but I haven’t “come down” yet.  I’m still going 100 miles per hour in my mind.  And I have no idea where it’s leading.  I feel “on alert” or something .. waiting for the next turn in this crazy adventure.  It’s very much like a roller coaster, as if we all haven’t heard that simile (I used, “like” .. so it’s a simile, right?) before .. but whatever .. it totally is. 

I’ve told a few friends that I’m expecting a big “exhale” in February or so .. when everything sinks in and I can actually catch up with everything that has been going on. Exhales are good .. and healthy .. and scary.

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