Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AWA meeting

I went to my first AWA meeting (American Women's Association).  My friend picked me up at our hotel and drove us over to the Madinat Jumeriah.  IT. WAS. SPECTACULAR.  I've never been in, or seen a resort like this one .. we arrived, valet parked the car, walked in and then took a one of these:

to get to the "Magnolia" area where we had our brunch and meeting.  A few more pics of the scenery:

it was a treat to get to the meeting this way. 

Here is a picture of where the meeting was: 

it was tucked away inside the resort .. full breakfast buffet .. really nice. 

The meeting was very enlightening about some of the details about living here .. especially as a woman sponsored by your husband's visa.  It was very good information about assets, wills and banking.  I was glad to be there and to get the information so that we can get all the "i's dotted and t's crossed," as we settle in. 

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