Friday, January 20, 2012

the little things ..

 So, today we are headed out to open a bank account to deposit our furniture allowance $$ and then going appliance shopping.  I have to say that I am dreading the communication gap.  Everyone speaks English, they just don't always speak it well .. and saying things like, "will this unit get my clothes 100% dry?" sometimes doesn't get through, and you can tell that the answer I get is not a confident "yes." 

side note:  Most of the washer/dryer appliances are one unit .. they wash and dry your stuff .. the one we have at the hotel does not get your clothes 100% dry and it takes FOREVER to wash a very small load.  I'm so spoiled by my super-mega capacity, high-efficiency washer AND dryer .. seriously SO spoiled. 

Another thing .. last night at the beach was the first time I got annoyed with people wanting pictures of the kids.  I guess I need to understand the "why" behind that. I still let them take pictures, but yeah ..

Anyways .. it's just the little things .. and I think if/when I have my little break down, it'll be over something teeny ... like the other day when I was in the grocery store and couldn't find the butter .. in the scheme of things, that's just no big deal .. but the lack of familiarity is what gets to me ..

once again .. it'll get done, it just takes time. 

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