Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Parent Enrichment - Brooke's class

So today I got to participate in "Parental Enrichment Week" in Brooke's class!  I arrived (Max in tow) at 9 a.m. and got to do a scavenger hunt around the school.  This was a great activity for me in particular, because I have NO idea where things are in the school yet! It was a great learning experience!

Here are the pictures:

 There's Brooke, first scavenger hunt clue in hand .. 

 Vera is a friend from class, she speaks mostly German.  She joined Brooke and me on our hunt.

 First clue brought us here!  To the KG2 (kindergarten) class with a giraffe out front!

 The next clue brought us out to the playground .. this is only half of it .. it's AWESOME .. outside, but COVERED.  That will be nice in the heat. 

 Max giving a cheesy grin.  

 back at class .. all 12 clues gathered .. and there's a PUZZLE on the back!  

 glueing the pieces together .. 

It's a class picture!!  yay!

Just like Paige, I am SOO proud of Brooke!!  I have been in awe of how brave that she has been going into a brand new school with all new friends, new teachers, new cultures ... soo much to absorb for just a little one, and she's done beautifully.  Brooke does miss her buddies from back home.  It has been a pretty big adjustment for her to go to school every day vs. just 2 days a week back in Colorado.  The teachers said that she's "slowly coming out of her shell" which is good .. they were delighted to see her smiling so much today.  I think the timing of Parent Enrichment is just PERFECT for our family.  The girls had a week to feel things out on their own, and then I got to come learn about their classrooms from them .. I'm so grateful for these little blessings.  SO GRATEFUL.  It'll be nice to see how she does during week 3!

Have a good day!  

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