Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well ... they're OFF!!  I only cried a little .. they did great .. really great.  Brooke gets a field trip on her very first day of school, and Paige was THRILLED to have a friend named, "Isabelle" sit next to her .. she had a friend named Isabelle in school in Denver, so they were fast friends .. It's those little things that just really help make the transition go well.  THANK YOU LORD!!

So, now I'm off to a few hours of errands .. I pick Brooke up at noon, Paige at 2:45 .. eventually, as Brooke gets used to school every day, all day, we'll add an "after care" program where she can stay 'til 2:45 too.  That'll make pick up easier, and naptime for Max more doable.  

We are one step closer to a routine .. it feels good.

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