Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Parent Enrichment Week

This week at DAA (Dubai American Academy, the girls' school) is "Parent Enrichment Week."  This includes "United Nations Day"  that was yesterday.

Today was my day to go participate in a writing exercise in Paige's class.  After some instructions from Ms. Penny about encouraging the kids to write and not worry about spelling mistakes, here is what we did:

 First, Paige wrote her "story"

 Next, she read it to me.  (It says, "Camels live in the desert.  They live in the desert for 8 days." It has a picture of a camel on top).

 Paige did both sides of her sheet.  The other side is a picture of her and Mark.  She is a princess and he is a prince.  Her writing says, "I have a family.  They are fun." 
(Can you just see the PRIDE in her face?)

 Then Paige shared her writing with her class.  (The class normally has 18 students.  We are broken into smaller groups for Parent Enrichment activities).

I can't say enough how very proud I am of her.  Paige has really jumped in, made friends, and has been REALLY fun to watch as she learns to READ!  She was reading a little bit back home, but it seems like overnight she just caught on and has been running strong with it.  And her WRITING!!!  I really didn't know that she could write a story on her own like that.  I'm not surprised, just really, really PROUD of her.  The quality of her education out here has been a pleasant surprise.  We honestly didn't know what to expect, and so far, so very, very good.  It was fun to get a "hands on" glimpse today.  I'm looking forward to more opportunities like this in the future as soon as I get some options with Max.

Speaking of ..

If you're wondering what Max was doing while I participated, here's a picture.  He's (seriously) playing Angry Birds on my iPhone.

Tomorrow I (with Max) get to go do a scavenger hunt with Brooke's class.  I'm excited!  I'll make sure I take pictures of that, too!  

Thanks so much for checkin' in .. it feels so good to have you with us on this journey! 

Bless YOU today!

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