Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a weekend!

It's going to take me a while to get into the groove of the Friday/Saturday weekend .. it's kind of funny that there's so many TGI Friday's restaurants here ... for culture's sake, they should change it to TGI Thursdays!! 

So it's Saturday night, and the week begins tomorrow .. we had a great weekend.  Friday we went to church in the morning, and out to dinner with new friends on Friday night .. then today we ran some errands (went and got the girls' school uniforms) and then again, had dinner with new friends. 

Our dinner tonight was with some friends we met through Mark's best friend from high school.  Yasmine and Josh (Mark's BFF) did their residency together in Dallas .. they are both pediatricians.  Yasmine and her husband, Ahmed are out here for a year with his company.  They are Muslim and Arabic .. which doesn't matter at all .. but just made the evening all the more special. She cooked Arabic food .. stuffed grape leaves being one of the menu items .. very yummy!  Anyways ... Ahmed is in the construction business. After their year here, they will head back to the USA where she plans to start her own practice, with her husband managing the office. (She was in a practice in Maryland before they moved here). They have 3 girls, ages 7, 4 and 1 .. our kids had a BLAST playing with them.  At the end of the night, the 4 older girls were planning sleep-overs and future play-dates.  I'm thrilled for them!!  Max had fun, too .. he kept saying, "FRIENDS!!"  and, "TOYS!!"  Yasmine and I exchanged phone numbers and are excited to get the kids together again. 

So tonight I have lunches made, water bottles filled, uniforms washed and ironed (our washer is a dryer too .. but the dryer part doesn't work well, so we have to line dry anything we wash ourselves.. and then iron .. I know, some of you just felt the earth stop .. it's true, I've been ironing!) Needless to say, we (I) rarely wash anything ourselves .. the laundry service is QUICK, I'm so grateful for it!! Anyways, everything is all ready for school tomorrow ... and I'm as nervous as you'd expect .. I know that it will be fine .. but I'm sure I'll cry after drop off.  :)

I'll be sure to blog tomorrow to fill you in on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  (Pictures to be included).  :) 

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