Friday, January 27, 2012

random post .. with pictures.

This is a bunch of random pictures from the past 2 weeks .. enjoy!

 This bear was in a random parade that we saw while killing time at the mall near our hotel/apartment.

 Did the alter the name of the movie on the Happy Meals in the USA too? 

 A little "Just Dance Kids" on the Wii in our temp housing

(the kids are posing with the bear .. SOOO FUN TO SEE!)
 abaya store

 fun at the beach at dusk
(we went for a picnic dinner)

 sharing toys with friends at the beach

 pretty little girl, all dressed up, walking on the beach

 Paige had stepped on a toy and sliced her foot when they first stared playing, so Daddy made her a band-aid.  :)  (her cut wasn't deep, just OWWY)

 Paige found a baby crab in the sand (in the shovel) .. we do this on our family trip to NC every year .. she was SOOO excited to find it!

Max filling his bucket.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth 10 zillion times .. he LOVES the beach! 

 Max, its time to go!!!  (He doesn't care that it's DARK .. he's still shoveling and playing)

 This is what the street looks like after it rains .. I'm thinking the drainage systems aren't all that great.

 The fam (minus me) sitting on the wall at the end of the Palm Jumeriah.  

 We went to the Marina Mall on Saturday, this is what you see when you're there.

 I begged them not to get soaked. 

 Max, of course, got soaked.  
We bought him a new outfit at the mall.

 Self portrait w/ the iPhone at Marina Mall.

 carrousel ride w/ the kids .. that thing spins .. not so fun for Momma. 

Sweet Max does a lot of this these days.

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