Tuesday, January 3, 2012

house hunting day

okay - wow .. today has been EVENTFUL.

First, we woke up to a leak in our bathroom coming from the light fixture in the ceiling .. drip... drip .. drip .. drip .. yeah, not fun.

Second, Paige has a tummy bug.  She threw up this morning and had fever.   I am grateful that good ol' Dr. Jim (our pediatrician in Colorado) hooked us up with some Zophran before we left (an anti-nausea medication) so we were able to stop the nausea and give her some Advil.  In about 20 min she was feeling GREAT and ready go on our house-hunting trip.  We had a "plan B" but she said she was up for it .. so we went.  (It'll be nice to eventually meet friends and have more options!)

Third, HOUSE HUNTING!!  With 3 kids in tow, we saw 6 or so homes and have narrowed it down to 2.  Both are above our budget (meaning the budget that Mark's company gives us.  We can add more to the allowance to meet our needs if necessary).  Neither of the homes are perfect, but it's slim pickins.  We'll need to let go of some of our (who am I kidding?  MY) expectations/desires.  The one that is in first place is a 5 bedroom home in Meadows 5.  I know that doesn't mean much to most of you - but it's a great location and it has FIVE bedrooms.  It's lovely upstairs.  It has a nice landing at the top of the stairs and 4 of the bedrooms off of that landing.  Paige and Brooke would have a jack and jill bathroom, and Max would have his own bathroom.  The master bedroom has a nice terrace and a spacious bathroom/closet area.  It's perfect for our family.   The downstairs/main floor, however, is a bit odd, but not terrible.  The great thing about it is the 5th bedroom.  It is in the front of the house with big windows and it's own bathroom.  It is a great place for an office/guest room.  This room and the upstairs is what puts the house at the top of the list.  The kitchen is nice.  It has granite counter tops. The thing I don't love about it is that it doesn't flow into the eating area. You have to leave the kitchen to go sit at the breakfast table.  I like a more open floor plan.  All of the rooms on the main floor of this house are separated by walls, but I guess that's common out here.  We could totally make it work and honestly, there's just not that much else available in our price range.

Here's a link to the floor plan of our #1 pick: click here and then click "type 13" under "floor plans."  

We could definitely, "wait and see," but our options could be worse later .. it's so hard to know .. most people say "get in quick."  We should know by the end of the day tomorrow if we're moving into that house!

Fourth, Paige threw up in the car while we were house hunting .. we had a plastic bag, so it was all okay .. but just comical. We cut the day a bit short and headed back to the hotel. 

Fifth, we got back to the hotel to get the news that we would have to move to a new room due to the leak .. oh the joy of repacking to unpack (for the THIRD time) .. not gonna lie, we were cranky.

HOWEVER, even with the glitches, no one is having break downs or freaking out (yet) ... we've known that this is going to be "eventful" and, thanks to the prayers of so many (THANK YOU), we are coping well and rolling with the punches .. this is definitely stressful, but that good ol' Peace that transcends all understanding keeps us in check.

Thank you for your prayers.  We feel them, and feel blessed.

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