Thursday, January 19, 2012

TGI Thursday

Well, the first week of school is over, and I have to say .. it went so WELL!!  I've really been so amazed at the girls .. they have just gone right in and done this thing without even a blink .. I'm just so very, very proud! 

Paige has picked up reading like crazy!!  It's so fun to have her read to me .. she's doing REALLY well!  Today she had computer class, which she was very excited about .. she says she has two "best friends," but only knows one of their names.  (The roster in her classroom includes the following nationalities:  British, Egyptian, Irish, Colombian, Swiss, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Canadian, Polish, French, and oh yes, a few Americans too .. one from Parker, CO actually!)

Brooke is loving it, too.  She only goes for half days, which is still a big jump from the 2 full days she was doing back in Colorado.  Today she asked, "Why do we have to go to school EVERY day?" She'll adjust .. I'm glad it's only 1/2 the day for her.  She has a "best friend" named Vivian .. Brooke calls her "Vivi" .. cute.  Vivian's mom and I are becoming friends, too .. they are bilingual, Spanish speaking .. so fun.

Max had his first day of Little Gym today .. here's some pics: 

He had a BLAST .. needless to say, we're signing up and he'll be going weekly .. just like "home."  The class was very similar to what we've always known Little Gym to be .. the tunes to the songs are the same, the flow of class is the same .. it was SO great to give Max a little something familiar.  I only cried a little.  :)

SO .. we got the call from the housing people that we could to a "hand over" of the property tonight at 4:30!  I was happy to get the call, but honestly doubtful that it would REALLY happen. 

We picked Paige up from school at 2:45 and decided to go play at the park by the house again to kill time before the hand-over.  We wanted to feed the fish at our park .. bunny trail here .. at the lake by the park by our house, there are these little fish that LOVE bread!  We watched some kids feed them the last time we were there and they SWARMED around the bread.  It was  HUGE hit with all 3 kids, so we brought our own fish food today to watch them do their thing .. here are some pictures of us having fun by the lake:
 can you kind of see the fishies eating? 

 Paige is such a goofball these days .. keeping us crackin' up all the time!

 notice the shoes ... they are Cars Crocs .. he won't take them off .. he almost slept in them last night.  He didn't want to leave the fish either .. he looooved feeding them. 

 Brooke-Brooke .. strikin' a pose ..   :) 

Don't you love the skyline view behind them??  That's my neighborhood!! 
(Well, if we ever get to move in!  ha!)  

 k .. back on track we were headed back to our future villa, I got the call from our housing agent that there was just no way it was going to happen today.  The only thing that had been done is the painting .. which was much more than "touch up" .. they painted all of the walls - so that's the up side.  :)  The down side is that they made a HUGE mess .. they didn't use tape!! I can't get the picture to load for some reason, but just imagine a drippy mess .. glops of paint in the middle of the tiles on the floor .. I mean come ON .. it was terrible.  SO .. they'll need to clean all of that up, along with the regular clean .. and fix the front door lock .. and several other things .. so they say Sunday now .. I'll believe it when I see it ..

here's the picture, it finally loaded:

those kinds of spills are all over the house .. nice eh? 

I mentioned to a friend via Skype earlier today that we were warned about hiccups like this .. we were told that "everything will get done, it just takes time."  I'm so grateful that we had that preparation, because honestly, that knowledge is what is getting us through these early weeks.

For now, we will continue living in our 2 bedroom apartment/hotel room .. I mean SERIOUSLY .. someone cleans every day, someone makes my family breakfast every morning and cleans up after us, someone does my laundry, we are 5 minutes from the ski slope mall and the girls' school .. not to mention Mark's office is a block away .. where we are is NOT slummin' it .. all is definitely well.   

'til next time ..

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