Monday, January 23, 2012

United Nations Day at school ..

Today was INCREDIBLE. It was "United Nations" Day at school, where students wore clothes to represent the country that they're from.  Here are pictures from today: 
Brooke, Max and Paige dress in their USA stuff

 The girls
 Brooke sitting with her diverse classmates before the assembly 

 I don't even know what countries are represented! 

 More of Brooke's class
 Paige, with her class
 so cute!
 Paige, and her new friend .. Lina is from 4 different countries ..
 How many countries do you see?  :)

 Notice the boy on the left has 3 different flags on his shirt .. these kids are from EVERYWHERE.
 The flag bearers all lined up for the assembly.  (the front 1/2 of the line)

 the 2nd half of the flag line
 the flags on their perches after being carried across the stage.
 Ah, there she is.  :)

 The woman on the left is the Teacher's Aide in Brooke's class.  She's wonderful! 

 I was definitely moved by the display today .. it was more than I expected .. very, very special. 

I'm exhausted tonight .. today was UN assembly, then Little Gym, then grocery, then pick up Brooke, then to the villa for a furniture delivery, then back to school to get Paige, then back to villa, then ice cream for fun, then to villa to sit there while the maintenance crew fixes the front door lock, then back to hotel .. dinner, homework, BED .. DONE.

till next time ..

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